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Be wherever your customers are

Omnichannel platform

Thanks to the omni-channel platform, consultants have access to all messages in one place. Your customers can also write to you on platforms such as Messenger or WhatsApp!

Increase the efficiency of consultants

Canned responses

Let your consultants reach their maximum potential. The intuitive user interface enables easy work, and specialized tools, such as ready-made answers, additionally increase efficiency.

Study customer satisfaction

Satisfaction survey

Constantly monitor the quality of customer service thanks to quick surveys after each conversation. Make sure that all conversations end with a positive result and a satisfied customer.

Measure, analyze, react!

Analytics and alerts

Thanks to reports and metrics, you know exactly what is happening in real time. Instantly react to emerging problems thanks to automatic alerts.

Where can you talk?



Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Web Chat

Web Chat

Time for automation!

Chatbot automation

Use the power of artificial intelligence to relieve your employees. Chatbots will easily answer thousands of questions and conduct dozens of parallel conversations, and where human help is needed - they will invite a consultant to join the conversation.

Sounds good?

Check how artificial intelligence can support your customer service department. Book an appointment, during which we will examine your needs and propose a solution tailored to your requirements.

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