AI powered Virtual Assistants

We automate Contact Center operations so you can just sit and monitor the results.​

Automated Contact Center

What do you get?

Cut operational costs

Decrease the amount of money you spend on Customer Service while increasing your level of customer satisfaction.

Cut costs high metrics
time efficient 24/7

Reduce wait time

If your customer calls they want to be served fast. Long waiting times result in annoyed customers. With automation, you can handle all incoming calls right away. Even at night or during weekends.​


The bot is the missing element between platforms where your customers are and your business. We provide seamless integration between your services and channels your customers love to use.

Voicebot plugin integration

Advanced Analytics

Gain useful insight into how your Contact Centre functions. Monitor KPI's that are important to your organization so that you can have the best possible results with no compromises.

Where can you use it?

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Self Service

Allow your clients to handle the most common matters on their own. The bot will guide them through an intuitive self-service process.

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Answer Frequently Asked Questions without engaging your consultants. Track what your consumers ask about and keep improving your knowledge base.

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Measure Satisfaction

Run a cost-effective Customer Satisfaction campaign. Because measuring your customer happiness is key to loyal consumers.

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Want to run a promotional program? Accept applications, promo codes, and inform participants about the course of the campaign directly at your social platform of choice.

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